GM series Heavy Type Crusher

Application: GM series heavy type crusher is suitable for the material which has big shape, high-strength and massive capacity. For example: plastic film, pipe, sheet, profile, PET bottles, hollow barrel and so on.

This GM series Heavy Type Crusher machine is designed with strong rip shear to break plastics. The body of the GM series Heavy Type Crusher is welded with good steel plate, and the base adopts channel steel to weld the frame structure, which is firm and reliable. And the outsourcing is wrapped with sealing plate to form a closed structure for safety.

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Main parameter


Fixed Blades

Rotating Blades

Grinder Chamber Dimension

Power (kw)


Mesh (mm)

GM-4208 2×2 3×2 800×420 30-45 510 Ф12-ф100
GM-6310 2×2 5×2 1000×630 55-90 450 Ф12-ф100
GM-7010 2×2 7×2 1000×700 90-110 410 Ф12-ф100
GM-7012 2×2 7×2 1200×700 90-132 410 Ф14-ф100
GM-8015 2×2 7×2 1500×800 132-200 368 Ф16-ф100
Feeding hopper

GM series Heavy Type Crusher7

● Special designed feeding hopper to avoid material splashing.
● Suitable for conveyor , forklift and travelling crane to feed material
● Satisfy special requirement to make sure the feeding continuity
Crushing chamber

GM series Heavy Type Crusher6

● Special shape design, high strength, easy maintenance
● Optimized fixed knife with fixed structure
● CNC process
● Quenched and distressing heat treatment
● Cabinet opening way: Hydraulic
● Body material: 16Mn
GM series Heavy Type Crusher5
● Cutter V-shaped arrangement
● Row cutter precision <0.5mm
● High-quality steel welding
● Quenched and distressing heat treatment
● CNC process
● Balancing checksum
● Cutter Material: SKD-11
Rotor bearing

GM series Heavy Type Crusher8

● External bearing pedestal
● Effectively prevent foreign matter from entering the bearing
● CNC process
● High precision, stable operation
GM series Heavy Type Crusher9
● Consists of mesh and mesh tray
● The mesh size should be designed according to different material
● CNC process
● Mesh material: 16Mn
● Mesh opening method: hydraulic
Drive ● SBP belt high efficient drive
● High torque, hard surface gearbox
Hydraulic system ● Pressure, flow adjustment
● Air cooling


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