High filler plastic parallel twin screw recycling and granulation line machine

Raw material and advantages:

Parallel twin screw extruders are widely used in the filling, blending, modification, reinforcement of rubber and plastic and engineering resins, as well as the devolatilization treatment of chlorinated polypropylene and high water absorbent resins; Extrusion of degradable masterbatch, polyamide condensation polymerization, and polyurethane addition reaction; Granulation of carbon powder and magnetic powder, preparation of insulation materials, sheath materials for cables, low smoke and low halogen flame retardant PVC cable materials, and various silane crosslinking materials. Small models are mainly used for scientific research and teaching.

Capacity: 100-1500KG/H

Product Detail

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Main parameter

Screw loader
● It matches with extruder feeding hopper to realize automatic control.

Screw loader

● Hopper material: Stainless steel; Feeding method: Screw feeding; Feeder controller: Controlled by inverter.

Extruder machine 
● The screw and cylinder adopt a "building block" structure, which has good interchangeability and can be used in any combination according to different material processing techniques; The cylinder is made of nitrided steel and bimetallic materials, which are wear-resistant and.
● Corrosion resistance and extended service life; The threaded components are made of nitrided steel and high-speed tool steel, and the curves are designed with computer-aided design, combined with unique processing techniques, to ensure the normal teeth of the threaded working section.
● Surface clearance and good self-cleaning; The specially designed connection method and transmission device enhance the strength of threaded components and core shafts, achieving uniform material dispersion, good mixing and plasticization effect, and material hysteresis.
● The purpose of short retention time and high conveying efficiency.

Extruder machine
Screen changer

Screen changer
● Different screen changers meet the needs of different customers.

We mainly have three modes of pellets cutting system:
1. The water ring cutting system.
2. The strand cutting system.
3. The underwater strand cutting system.
Based on different material characteristics, we will recommend different cutting methods.

1. Water ring cutting system

● The cutting system adopts extrusion die head water ring to cut, which can ensure the perfect appearance of particle.

Centrifugal dewatering machine

Centrifugal dewatering machine

● This machine have many advantages, such as high degree of dehydration, low power consumption, high efficiency, high degree of automation, and greatly reduces labor intensity. Dehydration is clean, and it is also can wash off the micro sand and small sundries in the pla.

2. Strand cutting system

● For some materials with high viscosity, such as PP, we recommend using a strip cutting method.

3.Underwater stand cutting system

Underwater stand cutting system
● Suitable for high melting materials, such as PET and PP and so on.

● Air pipeline drying

The water in pellets surface is evaporated through air pipeline conveying principle, and it transports the dried pellets to the collection hopper, then for follow-up treatment.

Air pipeline drying
Electrical control systemss

Electrical control system

● PLC automatic control

Material diagram

High filler plastic parallel twin screw recycling and granulation line machine3
High filler plastic parallel twin screw recycling and granulation line machine1
High filler plastic parallel twin screw recycling and granulation line machine2
High filler plastic parallel twin screw recycling and granulation line machine

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