GSP series pipe crusher

Application: GSP series pipe crusher are designed specifically to meet the needs of plastic pipe, profile directly broken. Long plastic profiles, pipes and other substandard goods only needs simple truncation then directly go into the crusher, greatly improved the production efficiency. 5 pieces or 7 pieces spindle rotor are made of high quality steel processing, through the dynamic, static balancing,” V” shaped cutting technology, has good toughness, impact resistance, stable working state characteristics.

We can provide supporting aggregate suction unit and the dust separating unit according to the user’s requirements, which can be used more conveniently.

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Feeding hopper ● Special designed feeding hopper to avoid material splashing.
● Satisfy special requirement to make sure the feeding continuity
GSP series pipe crusher4
● Special shape design, high strength, easy maintenance
● The fixed knife fixing structure optimization
● The quenching and tempering, stress relief heat treatment
● CNC process
● Rack opening method: hydraulic
● Body material: 16Mn

GSP series pipe crusher5

● The blades are in lean arrangement
● The blades distanc 0.5mm
● High quality steel welding
● The quenching and tempering, stress relief heat treatment
● CNC process
● Dynamic balance calibration
● Blades material: SKD-11
Rotor bearing ● Embedded bearing pedestal, to prevent the dust going into the bearing
● CNC process
● High precision, stable operation
Mesh ● Consists of mesh and mesh tray
● The mesh size should be designed according to different material
● CNC process
● Mesh material: 16Mn
● Mesh opening method: hydraulic
Drive ● SBP belt high efficient drive
● High torque, hard surface gearbox
Hydraulic system ● Pressure, flow adjustment
● System pressure: >15Mpa
Suction device ● Stainless steel silo
● Powder recycling bag

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