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Each of the world's biggest environmental challenges at present: The production of plastics and sustainable development has reached 350 million.

To cope with the biggest environmental challenges: plastics and sustainable development, China is the largest plastic producer, accounting for 30%. The main problem of plastic recycling is packaging, and the proportion of plastic in all packaging materials has reached 30%. At the same time, we also need to recognize that plastic has the characteristics of polymer materials, which enable it to be recycled and reused. At present, it is mainly physical recycling, and chemical recycling, which can meet the biggest environmental challenges: plastic and sustainable development recycling.

To promote sustainable development needs to change people's thinking and behavior. Both producers and consumers have their own responsibilities. As a leader in the recycling and recycling industry, Wuhe Machinery bears a heavy responsibility. Only with unity can we truly complete this difficult environmental challenge.



Is a professional manufacturer of various plastic recycling products, the factory is located in the national health city - Zhangjiagang City. 

The company is committed to the manufacture and development of plastic machinery products, and sums up a large number of practical experience, absorbs the essence of hundreds of homes, develops various new types of production lines such as pipes, sheets and profiles, and serializes and standardizes them. 


A corner of the production workshop in the factory

Zhangjiagang Wuhe Machinery Co., Ltd. takes "quality wins customers' trust, service wins the market" as its business purpose; The enterprise philosophy is "technology creates brand, faith creates future". Actively develop new customers, consolidate old customers, and provide high-quality products and perfect after-sales service.

For a long time, Zhangjiagang Wuhe Machinery has continuously innovated and refined product technology, and has more than 100 patent certificates; While continuously improving itself, Wuhe Machinery also vigorously strengthens the in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign advanced technology companies to perfect the products.

In April of 2019, Wuhe cooperated with Siemens AG (SIEMENS). At present, Wuhe Machinery Co., Ltd. mostly uses Siemens-branded motors and inverters.


Picture of electric control system of HS160 pelletizing production line

Our company successfully developed and produced: 

Shredder, Crusher, 

Waste plastic recycling washing line, 

Waste plastic recycling pelletizing line,

Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line, 

Plastic Profile Extrusion Line, 

Mixing Unit


Wuhe Machinery Factory not only provides professional high-quality plastic recycling products, but also provides a variety of spare parts and production or sales of auxiliary machines:

Such as motors, inverters, blades, fans, water ring pelletizing systems, silos and more.


Wuhe Machinery would like to thank the new and old customers for their long-term care for us.      

Wuhe will definitely redouble its efforts and hope to get your support and attention as always !


Post time: Feb-21-2022